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Best Career Advice

Best Career Advice

The Only Career Advice You'll Ever Need - Listen to Yourself

A Few Dire Facts Regarding the Present Employment Market

Career Development
  • Bloomberg recently reported, 'In this recession, an education can't even save you from losing a job.' Further, the article states that the unemployment rate (3.6%) of college degree workers is at its highest level since 1992.
  • In 2002, the Aging Administration of the United States found that retirees would prefer to delay retirement to an unprecedented one million child boomer participation in the workforce, increasing the need to increase employment.
  • A more recent study by Corn / Ferry found that 44% of middle management workers (based on 2,000 surveys) said they planned to go beyond 644.
  • Mathematically, about 78 million baby boomers are refusing to retire; In the next section, Generation X workers (40 million) are kicking against the gray ceiling, and Home Office, Blackberry, Myspace, etc.
  • Finally, about 500,000 foreigners have been granted H1-B visas to work in the United States. The prospect of staying in the United States puts further strain on the easy availability of jobs for foreign workers, the level of wages, and the working conditions for everyone in the market.

The Art of Reinvention

Rated according to the leadership policy. General Colin Powell said, The appropriate response is to cancel our activities before anyone else does. Actives effective leaders create a climate where value is determined by a desire to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities." In this way, to renew one's job forever. "

Early Self Knowledge

Captain Sullenberger 'Sully' earned his private pilot's license at the age of 14years. He knew what he wanted. He went out and realized his dream. It is never too early to find your mission in life.

Solid Training

For Captain Sully, he had the opportunity to receive rigorous, rigorous training through the Air Force. If you want your heart to be the best it can be; Go out and find the best schools, find skilled tutors, coaches and mentors with a rock-hard reputation. The main point is not to be a slacker. This is your life, your profession. Check out the song on Eminem 'Loss It Lo', if you have a shot, or a chance to intercept everything you want, can you catch it or just let it slip? .... you better never go for it you only get one shot, don't miss the chance to hit, this chance comes once in a lifetime ..

If the money is tough, become an avid reader, a collector of older consultants in the field. You know it, they already got there and did it. Establish friendships with others with similar interests. We learn in many ways and across different mediums: parents, teachers, university professors, adults and colleagues. Cover all your bases.

You Gotta Sell Yourself!

Don't know how to sell yourself? You will miss the career best advice!

You see, most of us were advised by career counselors that any interview or meeting with a potential employer meant talking about your background and work history.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not your past or what you used to do for someone else. It’s about how you get to the right moment right now. This means you have to sell yourself so that people get a strong snapshot of you. . 

And since your best work offers and referrals come from people you already know and respect, you must be able to sell them.

So how do you do that?

Here are some powerful career tips: Prepare a carefully crafted story about yourself then rehearse the story. Here are a few tips to help you put this important sales presentation together.

1. Make a list of qualities, values, and accomplishments (not your work history) related to your personal work.

2. Choose the success of two or three jobs that you are particularly proud of that reflect your qualities and abilities.

3. Now write a short (one or two) short story that weaves a picture of you at work - it represents the most representative of your qualities and values.

So if an employer asks you to say something about yourself (they all do!) Or they don’t, be prepared for a retargeted story that you sell.

For example, you could say

Am I right? It reminds me of a particularly competitive responsibility. My boss told me I was responsible for meeting tough deadlines and I had to form a team to do the job. I hired a few colleagues, formed a task force and achieved my boss's goal in 48 hours. The company realized 20% growth in my sector. My boss congratulated me. Informed and said that I want to increase. "

Switch Gears When Necessary

At age 38, Captain Sully switched gears. He left the military and began his career as a civilian pilot for US Airways. He did not give up while flying commercial planes, he was not complacent. As he evolved, he took the time to unleash his craft and hone his skills which took him to the next point.


More mature with age; Routine tasks become monotonous, new management techniques stale; Popular stars of the organization have come. Veteran staff joked that what used to take 6 hours as a newborn can be done in 1 hour. It leads to boredom, complacency and frustration. Sometimes this is reflected in ineffective leadership, poor management, poor product quality and annoying customer service.

On the other hand, one can use the natural aging process, build on what is known, and reinvigorate oneself with the goal of mastering the unknown. Wisdom acknowledges that there are many things in life that we do not know can affect our work. Captain Sully embraced this global approach and contributed to the improvement of maintenance, safety and training standards and accident prevention.

Be Your Own Person

After all, you are unique and therefore the only person in the world like you. No one else on this planet of 6.1 billion (year 2000 estimate) could be yours. So, go ahead and identify yourself regardless of age, nationality or occupation. Self-analyze if the task you are looking for has not yet been implemented. The work you are aiming for is right in front of your eyes.

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