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DigitalOcean Review

DigitalOcean Review


DigitalOcean Launching its first server in 2011. DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting organization zeroed in on assisting developers with dispatching more applications quicker and simpler. What started as a small startup company based out of New York City has grown exponentially reaching a customer base totaling over half a million developers. A definitive objective of DigitalOcean is to utilize a strong state drive or SSD to make an easy to understand stage that will permit their abundance of customers to move ventures to and from the cloud sloping up creation with speed and proficiency.

But is it good enough to one day be ranked as one of my top 10 hosting services stay tuned and read this small article to find out. Now I don't wanna waste your time in this article. Let's just get straight into the info. So you can decide whether or not DigitalOcean is the right web host for you. I'll start off with the pros of DigitalOcean and later on in the article  I'll discuss some of the cons.

Pros of Digitalocean

Pros of Digitalocean
Pros of Digitalocean
  • So the industry average uptime for a cloud hosting service is 99.94%.
  • DigitalOcean blows that out of the water pun intended with a whopping 99.99%.
  • That ties Bluehost as my most reliable hosting uptime to date.

“I cannot oversell how amazing that actually is”

  • Most of my top 10 services come in between ninety-nine point nine six and 99.98% of uptime.

"So to keep a normal of 99.99 is an incredible serious deal."

Let's talk about speed

Let's talk about speed
Let's talk about speed

Because the lagging or slow websites might as well be down for all intents and purposes. Sluggish sites are virtually unusable your traffic won't hesitate to just bounce and leave your website straight away. Literally a difference of just a few seconds can cost you nearly 3/4 of your potential website traffic.

"DigitalOcean isn't simply quick it is really probably the quickest item I've ever looked reviewed."

  • So the industry average load speed is 890ms.

"All right 890 and at its quickest during my tests"

  • DigitalOcean was moving at an incredible speed of just 218 milliseconds
  • Indeed, even at its slowest, it was 496ms, Even when performing at its slowest it was still almost 50% quicker than the business normal.

 “Which is just absolutely insane.”

 Next Up - pricing

DigitalOcean Pricing
DigitalOcean Pricing

Something really unique about DigitalOceanis they're customizable pricing.

Eventhough I do also have this listed undermy cons you'll see this later on in theblog. I think it's pretty awesome thatyou can actually customize everythingyou pay for.

  • Your site storage
  • CPU usage
  • Bandwidth
  • Database memory, etc

It's actually an extraordinary preferred position in case you're a high level client and right now acquainted with precisely what you need. What your goals are?  What you don't need and so forth?

I'll write a little bit more about this later on when I mention a few of the cons.

When it comes to site backups

Site Backups
Site Backups
  • Digitalocean performs backups daily.
  • And you can always restore any data up to seven days prior.
  • Even though DigitalOcean has superior uptime it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  • And your data and traffic are always secured.

"This is something that numerous different hosts don't stress a lot or don't give."

But DigitalOcean make sure that your data is protected end-to-end

It's an incredible preferred position to keep those badly willed associations and virus out of your site framework.

 So that's about it for the pros of DigitalOcean about as with everything there are a few cons I found with it.

So Let's Talk About Those Cons Quickly

  • So most web hosting companies these days offer some variation of 24/7 support. It might not always be very good but at least it is something.

Unfortunately DigitalOcean has nothing like that. If your website goes down in the middle of the night which could be disastrous, if you're dealing with overseas markets and things like that there is no one for you to talk to you. You have go to their website and open a support ticket using their online form. Now that is a huge downside especially for beginners. If you are looking for some fast help then unfortunate gonna find that with DigitalOcean. And as I mentioned earlier

The customizable pricing could also be considered a con

Once you get into the pricing plans your head will go dizzy with all of the options and possibilities which you can use an upgrade.

There are different categories for:

  • Bandwidth
  • Space
  • Servers
  • Speed
  • CPU
  • Security options and a lot more

This again might be a little difficult for beginners.

So in conclusion do I recommend DigitalOcean?

Well yes, as long as you are a developer and not a beginner. If you are just an average person looking to launch a web presence or you're a complete beginner new to web hosting. There are undeniably more easy to use items out there that will cost you far less.

 I will publish article for some web hosts that I'd recommend for a beginner.

One such as Bluehost or Hostgator

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