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Four Things to Do Before You Get to Campus

Four Things to Do Before You Get to Campus

Opening your acceptance email and finding out that you will be attending college in the United States is one of the most exciting times of your life. Right away, you'll have a long list of things you'll want to do when you arrive in the US With all that excitement, Follow these tips to make the most of the months before you leave home:

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As the expectation of attending a university in the United States grows, be sure to make the most of your time in your home country before leaving. Going home during the academic year will be difficult, as you will likely have to wait months and possibly the entire year before a break that will allow you to return home. Go to the park, eat at your favorite restaurants, or visit the stores or markets that you love. Think about the things you enjoyed when you were younger and try them again before leaving home. These memories can help you get through the longing moments of your first year and will remind you of all the wonderful things you can come home to.

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Spend as much time as you can with each member of your family. They will miss you more than you think when you are studying in the United States, and you will miss them more than you think. Spending uninterrupted time with your parents, taking photos of your grandparents and family, or learning how to cook your aunt's favorite recipe are small moments that can mean a lot. If you leave your younger siblings behind, make sure to do their favorite activities with them before going to college.


Decide what you want out of your year before you hit campus. Setting goals can remind you of what you want to accomplish during your study abroad time. Try to make them about something other than your studies. While getting A's is a great goal, you can also set a goal of meeting people from several different states or countries before the end of the first semester, or joining two clubs on campus. These goals can remind you to get involved on campus and enjoy yourself while you learn to balance your schedule.


Beyond creating memories with family and friends, you'll want to figure out all the logistics at home to get ready for move-in day. Order your books online or at the campus bookstore so you can pick them up once you arrive. Find out your living situation if you plan to live off campus and what you will need in your apartment. Furniture rental is a great option because it allows you the flexibility of having a comfortable place to live without the stress, hassle, and cost of buying your own furniture. CORT, the leading furniture rental provider in the US, offers thousands of student apartments with everything from beds and sofas to household goods and electronics, all with affordable rental package options. Know the map of your university, to know how to get around before getting there.

Although there are many things to do before you leave home, balance the remaining time by spending it with family and friends you will miss the most. Fill your mind with sweet memories to remember, check off a few items on your list, and you'll set yourself up for a successful transition to college life in the USA.

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