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Hackers Wanted! Careers in Cyber Security

Hackers Wanted! Careers in Cyber Security

If you are looking for a challenging technology based major with great job opportunities after graduation, consider a Careers in Cyber Security. In the internet age both business and customer have brought endless benefits together. But Careers in Cyber Security also brings vulnerabilities to costly data breaches that can cripple and bankrupt a successful company in a very short time. Which could cripple an organization's reputation," said Blackstone Group's Chief Security Officer and State University of Plattsburgh. ) ’S former student Mr. Joe DE salvo explained.

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Internships and jobs are available

With the need for computer-security skills to surpass the growing number of skilled workers. There are plenty of job opportunities in this field. It is important to prepare for these opportunities by choosing a rigorous undergraduate computer science program. So that having experience in solving real world problems. Graduates from this program are highly sought after and extremely well paid. Our successful graduates start earning more than USD, $70,000 per year as security operations center analysts. praised Christian Balan, lecturer and coordinator at the Center for Cyber security and Technology (CCT) - Hacker space. “This starting salary averages $25,000. This is because of the combination of the needs of cyber security professionals. The fact that we learn the skills needed for their first job! "

White hat hackers needed

If you want to tinker with electronic devices. Find out how your iPhone or Android device works and look for a "straw hole needle" of information. You won't give up easily. You could be a good field for cyber security. White hat hackers try to find vulnerabilities in the system. Then show how to fix or patch another. They help by adopting the mentality of a black hat (malicious) hacker. Advise system administrators and security personnel on how to prevent attacks.

You will study computer networks (how computers talk to each other), operating systems, and coding. In your advanced class you will learn how to secure computer networks using firewalls and intrusion detection systems. And how to develop cyber security policies in an organization. If you prefer both business and technology. Consider studying management information systems and completing the cyber security track. This will give you grounding in both business and cyber security. And you will also be able to develop your soft skills.


The Cyber Security and Technology Center (CCT) opened in 2017. CCT is powered by the nickname “Hacker space” and is a collaboration between the Department of Management. Information Systems and Analytics (MISA) and the Department of Computer Science. This student-led center hosts cyber security projects and research that gives students the opportunity to practice learning skills in the classroom. Students and computer security majors admitted to the cyber security track at MIS work as interns at the center.


Sunny Plattsburg offers an outstanding education at an affordable price. Providing scholarships for all accepted international applicants. The campus is located in a small, lively and friendly college town in northern New York State. Our more than 325 international students represent more than 60 countries and are extremely active in club and campus life.

Situated on the shores of the majestic Lake Champlain. Plattsburgh offers stunning natural beauty surrounded by nearby Adirondacks and green mountains. The city has been hailed as the second best micro-city in the United States. Providing a thriving art and music scene. Locally owned restaurants, a global kitchen, as well as a historical past of the 1812 war.

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