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How to build back link or site linking

How to build back link or site linking

How to create high-quality backlinks for your website to rank on Google

Link Building: How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks in 2019

How to Build Unique Links to Skyrocket SEO Rankings

High DA PA List of Profile Creation Websites in 2019

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2 99 71
3 95 79
4 93 100
5 99 100
6 95 100
7 98 100
8 97 97
9 96 82
10 99 100

Importance of Profile Link Building For SEO
Link building is a very crucial part of Off-Page SEO. We all know that it is good to get a backlink from high-authority websites. But it is not that easy for a beginner. That’s why profile links are the easy way to get a dofollow or no-follow backlink to your website home page. This kind of backlinks will help you to increase your domain authority or domain trust. This list of Profile creation websites will help you to reduce the effort to find all such useful sites at one place.

Wonedring what is my #1 link building technique? It’s Guest Posting & Bloggers Outreach. But profile links are the quickest and effective way to build links for bradning.

I am not going into any discussion about whether this white hat or black hat technique as I know that every webmaster builds this profile links. You can easily search with the website name or brand name and you can easily find their profiles ranked in Google search on different websites.

Also Read List of Web 2.0 sites 2019 (Link Building For Branding) Personally, I prefer profile creation sites to build backlink for my main site also (search with Bloggingjoy). As this is purely a genuine or you can say white hat link building technique. Let me explain in details first.

Is Profile Link Building Good For SEO?
As we all know that Google never encourages building links. Rather the expectation is earning links. But it is not possible to earn links every time. You must write quality content and the go for blogger outreach for quality mentions. Besides that also you must work on building other types of links.

How To Optimize Anchor Text While Creating Profile Links For SEO?
Another important thing is that in most of the cases the profile links are made with brandable anchors. E.g. if I have to make a profile link for my website the anchor texts will be as follows.
blogging joy
This is one of the best ways to get a backlink to your domain. And this will never put you in the problem in Google’s eye. But that doesn’t mean that one must build thousands of profile links overnight with fake information. Try to build backlinks slowly to make it natural.

Don't forget, slow but steady wins the race. And this is true for link building as well.
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How many Profile links I can make Every Week or Every day?
There is no such rule. If you are into blogging for the long term, they think from that point of view. Authority never comes in one day or in one month. It’s a long process. So, just make it simple. ?

To make blogging a habit you must write every day, you must build some links through traditional ways like blog commenting, creating profile links, etc. Do regular guest posting also to get authority mention from high-quality websites.

Examples Of High DA Profile Creation Sites (Updated 2019)
I have shared a huge list of profile creation sites below. Among them, I have shared the examples of Profile links that I have created for my own blog. You can visit those profiles are check how I have mentioned my blog name. It doesn’t matter whether you get a dofollow backlink or nofollow backlink.

Authority is the new SEO in 2019. Although in many cases you will get dofollow backlink from profile creation sites and sometimes nofollow. This will help you to keep the dofollow / nofollow ratio natural.

Quora (
Medium (
Twitter (
Facebook Fan Page (
Google Plus (
Linkedin (
YouTube (
Vimeo (
Instagram (
Disqus ( ( (
SoundCloud (
Slideshare (
Hubpages (
Blogadda (
Pinterest (
Reddit ( (
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Tips To Use This List of Profile Creation Sites For Link Building in 2019
The major problem with link building is that many people just build links heavily. Means they create thousands of links in one day. Do you think it looks genuine? No. make it simple, natural and smooth.

Tip #1: Make sure you are creating profiles on good websites as I have mentioned in this article. Do it on a continuous process. E.g. create profile links on weekends and choose 3-5 websites and try to create profiles with valid email ids. You can create a separate email address to create profile backlinks.

Tip #2: Make sure you are creating profiles with accurate information, mainly when you are building links for your main website. You can definitely use a different email id for any experiment website or micro niche affiliate site.

Tip #3: Never use any optimized anchor text or keywords, rather concentrate on building links with brandable anchors only. I have mentioned that above.

Tip #4: After creating the profile, try to contribute on that platform in some way e.g. by posting an article, answering some question, etc.

Tip #5: No need to index the profile links forcefully, let them index naturally. Google has changed a lot in the last couple of years, so no need to trick Google. Whatever you do, it will take its own time to reflect the benefits if any.

Pro Tip: Blogging is a continuous process and things don’t work instantly here. Especially after several Google algorithm changes, you should not play with anything. Let the backlink created through profile creation site index automatically or naturally. You can focus on many other things to rank your article higher on Google.

I hope you will find this list of profile creation sites in 2019 useful. Make sure you build links slowly following the best practices. The purpose is to create brandable anchor backlinks using these profile creation websites. I would love to hear your experiences or any question related to this topic.

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