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How to Write the Best University Essays

How to Write the Best University Essays

You may be pressured to write essays for your university class. Here are some tips that can make the process easier and help improve the results!


Better than active passive. This principle applies to almost any case related to thoughts, emotions and ideas. And academic writing is no exception! The active voice has proven to be much more appealing to the reader than the passive voice.

For example, if you were to say that sociology is a highly relevant discipline, you could go with two options: "Sociology is seen as an underlying study of the modern academic world," or "Today's academicians see sociology as an underlying study of the modern academic world." Feeling stronger? We bet you have the right answer!

“Activize,” don’t “passivize.”


Try to clear the language so that uninterested writers can overuse the language that can devalue your writing. Each language has its own camouflage phrases and additional usable phrases that writers and speakers prefer over others because of their attractiveness or simplicity. And, since English is ubiquitous today and used more than any other language, especially on the web, the most "favorite" phrase in this language has been completely dropped.

Let's take the sentence "what's more". Almost always going to the beginning of the sentence, this language unit is one of the most used phrases in writing. To distinguish your text from regular academic writing written by inexperienced writers, consider replacing this phrase with something more creative and out of the ordinary. Instead of "what's more" you can hire "above" or "bargaining".


Many writers mistakenly lean towards generalizing their statements rather than providing specific, valid arguments in their claims. Yes, you can say your point of view, which can be reflected like many and seems to be true and reasonable. However, if you do not support this argument, it will ruin the validity and credibility of your article. By supporting the statements you have used in your essays you demonstrate your knowledge of the subject as well as your skills in academic writing.


Incorporating specific terminology into your essay is an inherent element of a good academic part. By enforcing the relevant terms on your paper you make it more professional and qualified in terms of its scholarly values. Search vocabulary and terminology lists in your handbooks or use online sources to track the terms needed for your article. But keep in mind that it is important not to go to extremes when filling the term with irrelevant terms in your article. Maintain a balance between scholarly and non-scholarly language in your essay.


In academic writing, it is criticized for adhering to established rules and standards to succeed. Lots of tips and tricks on science writing we go far beyond the list included but what we recommend in this article is the core of an effective and productive writing strategy. We hope you use the strategies and policies we have prepared for you!

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