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Jamuna Group Investing 1,000 Cr in Evaly

Jamuna Group Investing 1,000 Cr in Evaly

Jamuna Group Investing 1,000 Cr in Evaly

Jamuna Group one of the leading industrial groups in the country is going to invest BDT 1,000 crore in the country's top E-commerce company Evaly. Initially, Jamuna will invest Tk 200 crore. The company plans to invest a total of one thousand crore phase by phase.

This information was given by Evaly. However, neither party has disclosed the original market value price of the e-commerce company.

Welcoming such an investment, Mohammad Rassel, Founder and CEO of Evaly, said, "We as a local venture are really pleased to have another local company by our side”. Through this investment Jamuna is part of the ongoing investments and they have the opportunity to invest in the next phase as well. This investment will be spent on the future development and business scope of Evaly.

“We’re trying to get more investment to deliver old orders to customers and clear our backlogs,” Rassel said regarding the old order deliveries to customers.

Regarding this investment, Shamim Islam, Managing Director of Jamuna Group, a leading industrial group in the country, said, "Global trend wise ecommerce can play good role in country economy." Such as Amazon in the case of the United States, Alibaba in the case of China. Similarly, the local e-commerce Evaly has already made a position of its own in Bangladesh. Evaly is working to fulfill the dreams of the common people of the country. Jamuna Group has been working for the welfare of the country and its people for over 50 years as well. From now on, Evaly and Jamuna Group have become partners in fulfilling those dreams.

Welcoming the partnership between Evaly and Jamuna Group, Monica Islam, Group Director of Jamuna Group, said that Jamuna Group has been doing business with quality products and services in the country's market. Jamuna Future Park is the largest offline marketplace in Bangladesh. And now Evaly will remain as the largest online marketplace with Jamuna Group. We have stood by them in their difficult times, believing in Evaly's honest business intentions to take Digital Bangladesh and the country's e-commerce sector forward in a strong position.

Sheikh Wadud, Director (Accounts), Jamuna Group, said, “We want to contribute to the domestic economy at a time of global pandemic of Covid-19 Corona Virus. We will publish more detailed information about this investment step by step.

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