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Medical University of the Americas

Medical University of the Americas

The American Medical University (MUA) is a recognized institution in the Caribbean region that is committed to making medical education accessible and affordable. Since our inception 20 years ago, we have graduated physicians who have worked at several reputable hospitals in the United States and Canada. Our mission is to continue to supply the medical industry with skilled and talented medical professionals.

Based on Nevis Island, our students have many sophisticated facilities that help them learn and conduct their own research. MUA provides a fully equipped library as well as a range of classrooms and laboratories with cadaver for detachment. This island is a peaceful and safe place to study which means you will be able to avoid interruptions.

Our curriculum is modeled on those used by schools in the United States and Canada, so our students receive the same high quality education but at a more affordable price. MUA also keeps classes short and hires talented faculty, who hold MD or PhD, to help our students develop into highly skilled doctors. As a result of our teaching approach, our students consistently have a regular first-time pass rate of 95% in USMLE Step 1. Has performed well through 2015-2019.

Furthermore, the MUA is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the College of Medicine (ACCM) which uses similar standards to the accredited institutions for medical schools in the United States and Canada.

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  • Course Name: Doctor of Medicine
  • Course Specialization: Medicine
  • Course Location: St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean
  • Course duration: 4 years (2 years on campus) (2 years clinically)
  • Cost:, 15,900 per semester (semester 1-5) (fee only, tuition excluded)

MUA's Basic Sciences program is designed to help students become the best doctors. Your first five semesters will be spent in Nevis where you will learn the basic knowledge and skills to enter the medical profession.

Fast Facts

School SizeSmall
Tuition$15,000—$20,000 Semester
Type of SchoolUniversity
Student Body GenderCo-ed
Religious AffiliationOther
Scholaship for International StudentsNo
Conditional Admission AvailableNo
Top ProgramsMedical/Dental
SettingSmall/College town
Type of HousingDormitory

Semester 1

Throughout your first semester, you will study the function of each organ and system inside the body as well as cell and tissue structures by isolating human cadres. There are also Clinical Skill Eye courses this semester that will help you develop your doctor-patient communication skills.

Semester 2

The second semester will introduce you to more complex areas of the body, including genetics and development. You will also consider the ethics and dilemmas faced by medical professions and examine the various medical literature to enhance your understanding of evidence-based medicine.

Semester 3

This semester will cover the basics of neuroscience and neuroscience as well as behavioral medicine. You will begin to consider pathology, physiology, and pharmacology in systems and design.

Semester 4

Semester 4 will be devoted to exploring the major physical systems and the ways in which diseases affect them. You will continue to improve your doctor-patient communication as you develop research skills.

Semester 5

You will continue to build the foundation of your understanding of human systems and how they are affected by disease. With the help of faculty members you will lead your own research project.

Semesters 6 – 10

After you finish the first five semesters of Basic Science, you will receive your clinicians off the island. Most of our students travel to North America, but you have the opportunity to travel further south in Europe. During your third-year core clinical rotation you will need to complete the rotations of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrician, Psychiatrist as well as Obstetrician and Gynecologist, you will be able to choose your elective in your fourth year. Upon completion of your clinical clerkship you will be put into practice training in all of your basic sciences. You will have the opportunity to work on your actual treatment setting and develop specialized knowledge of your choice.

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