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Tagore songs: A classic beauty

Tagore songs: A classic beauty

Mohsina Suaibia Tonny: To get relief from our chaotic life we often listen to music. Some music is related to our soul. A piece of music is a composition of lyrics, melody, and rhythm. There are various categories in this music library. And among them, some are soulful and mellow which bless our ears and mind most often. Tagore songs which are commonly known as Rabindra sangeet are one of them. In our Bengali culture, It is an integral segment.

Tagore Songs, are songs from the Indian subcontinent written and composed by the Bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore . The style of this great music is Hindustani classical which is originated from western, kirtan, and Shyama Sangeet . Gitabitan the famous book which is a musical miracle consist of 2233 songs written by Rabindranath. This elegant creation has added a new dimension in the Bengali musical world. There are six major parts including worship, love, seasons, patriotism, occasion-specific, and miscellaneous remains in this book.

The dimension and wholeness of Tagore songs are the most mesmerizing part. A person can relate to his different phases of life in this music. The lyrics unique these songs from others which are beautifully narrated by the great narrator. All human emotions are beautifully narrated melodically in his songs. The aesthetic poetic sense of Rabindranath gets blended with these melodies. These songs are also a reflection of his memoir. The love of his life, his look towards nature, his bonzer sense of traveling, heartbreak, all are beautifully composed in a sole echo.

But the meaning of these songs often creates a collision in which genre these should put. The expressions are blurry for some songs. For example, some demand “Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai” as a devotional song and some call it a romantic lullaby. But which genre it belongs to the lyrics, tune, the desire to keep someone even closer all are written flawlessly there.

Rabindranath sang some of his songs also. “Tobu mone rekho” is one of his wonderful creations. The desire of an old lover to his loved ones is shown, how he wants to be remembered even at a distant place or even her heart is filled up with the new fragrance of someone else’s love he wants to be remembered. he wants to be alive in her memories of dark dreamy night.

One unique thing about his song is people from all spheres of life adore his song, from village  to high corporate people they sing and listen to them with heart and soul.

The admiration regarding Rabindra sangeet in Bangladesh is noticeable also. A rainy morning can’t complete without “Aji jhoro jhoro mukhor badol dine”. A moment of love or even a heartbreak both can be found in these kinds of music. In the song, “Kotobaro vebechinu” we can see a lover’s wish how she wished to unwrap herself in the feet of her loved ones whom she always worships in isolation. Or in “Tumi robe nirobe” we can see detachment can’t erase feelings, people whom we truly love always reside in our hearts with a melancholic eye. 

And with the name of Rabindra sangeet, we can see some names also with their melodious voice. Rezwana Chowdhury bonna, Adity mohsin, Sahana bajpaie, Shayan Chowdhury arnob , Kalim sarafi are mostly known for Rabindra sangeet singer.

Though everyone has their music taste, besides these twenties modern song Rabindra sangeet still reign with its utmost uniqueness of lyrics and melody. Having a cup of tea on some shiny afternoon or a moonlit night you can listen to this classic beauty and get lost in the harmony of love, nature, or in gloomy sadness whatever you want.

Take a day off from social media, Be classic for some moment, try to hear the words lies in Tagore songs. You will feel some peace and tenderness in your depth of heart definitely.

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