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The Importance of Health Insurance for International Students & Travelers

The Importance of Health Insurance for International Students & Travelers

In this article you will know all information about The Importance of Health Insurance for International Students & Travelers.

Most of us recognize that health insurance is a necessity today, and especially when traveling abroad for an extended period. However, most people do not realize that their regular home health insurance does not usually offer health coverage when traveling outside of their home country. If you are considering studying or traveling abroad, it is strongly recommended that you purchase adequate international health insurance and budget for the corresponding cost.

International health insurance is important for two fundamental reasons: to avoid the financial challenges of unexpected medical expenses, and to ensure that you have access to immediate and appropriate medical care wherever you travel. International health insurance pays for most medical expenses and is accepted by most medical providers around the world, giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your studies or travel abroad.

To know all about the importance of health insurance for international students & travelers read the whole article.

Here is a brief overview of the importance of health insurance for international students & travelers read the whole article, including how insurance works in general, the types of health plans that are available, and definitions of some common insurance terms and coverage’s. If you want to obtain international health insurance, or if your school requires you to purchase health insurance or for your travel visa, it is wise to contact an international insurance professional for advice and assistance to ensure that you obtain insurance coverage. adequate.

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International medical insurance pays for medical, hospital and drug expenses if you are injured or become ill while traveling outside of your home country. In short, health insurance provides financial protection against unexpected expenses and guarantees timely access to medical care abroad, providing peace of mind so you can study and enjoy your trip.


All international health insurance includes a certain amount of basic health insurance, usually with a small deductible that you pay first, and also includes the often required medical evacuation and repatriation coverage’s. Health insurance pays for covered medical, hospital and prescription drug expenses and is generally paid directly to the medical provider. A deductible is the amount you pay the doctor out of your own pocket first, and then your health insurance pays the rest of your covered expenses up to the maximum amount of coverage you have selected.

Helpful Hint: Make sure you buy enough health insurance to cover foreseeable medical expenses, and choose a deductible that's not high enough to present a financial problem of your own.

These coverage’s are helpful and don't add much to your cost. For that you should know Importance of Health Insurance.


Health insurance can be purchased for an “accident or illness maximum” amount of $ 50,000 up to $ 1,000,000 or more. The most common medical “maximum” purchased is $ 100,000 per accident or illness, which is also the minimum insurance requirement from the US Department of State. However, it doesn't cost much more to increase health coverage substantially as well. Get them to get a basic insurance quote and then compare the cost to add more health coverage.

Helpful Hint: Make sure your health coverage is "accident or sickness" (not "annual") to ensure adequate coverage and also meet the US Department of State and university requirements.

A deductible can be from $ 0 (you do not require payment) up to $ 500 or more. Remember, the higher the deductible, the less expensive the price of health insurance, because you pay the deductible amount out of your own pocket first. The most common deductible is a $ 100 “yearly” deductible.  

Helpful Hint: An “annual” deductible means you pay this amount only once a year; whereas an “accident or illness” deductible means that you pay this amount each time you have a separate medical problem during the year. Generally, an annual deductible is preferable, if available.


Most schools now require proof of health insurance prior to enrollment. Your travel visa may also require medical insurance; For example, the US Department of State requires health insurance coverage of at least $ 100,000 for all J visa participants.


Traditional health plans provide the essential "accident and illness" coverage described above and meet or exceed the US Department of State J visa insurance requirements. (Be sure to select at least $ 100,000 medical coverage) . Traditional plans are accepted by most US universities and colleges, although some may require more coverage. Enhanced health plans generally offer additional coverage, such as maternity, pre-existing conditions, mental health, and / or sports, that meet most school requirements. In the US, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans provide unlimited health coverage and include routine immunizations and wellness care, and are ideal for schools requiring ACA coverage and for students wanting more coverage. However, ACA plans are generally not necessary for international students and scholars.

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International health insurance is affordable and the price is based on your age and the amount of health coverage you want (or may need) to buy. Insurance coverage is generally priced daily and can be purchased daily, monthly, or for the entire school year or calendar.

You can usually get a refund if you cancel your insurance early, although some restrictions may apply, so check with your insurance provider.

If you are unsure which international health plan is right for you and your school's requirements, contact a health insurance professional who specializes in insurance for international students, or contact your school's international department.

The best advice is to get the right international health insurance and rest easy, so you can enjoy your studies and travel abroad!

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