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UIU EDF presents Entrepreneur’s Diary

UIU EDF presents Entrepreneur’s Diary

UIU EDF presents Entrepreneur’s Diary

Being a woman is a super power itself. When women remember who they are, the game changes. When women support each other, incredible things happen. Thus the world awaits women to rise up like the sun everyday, with belief. 

Here we are going to launch our astounding episode on 8th March in Honor of Women's day 2021! Stay tuned with "UIU EDF presents Entrepreneur's Diary" and enjoy the eloquent words of our honorable guests! Join us, to know about extraordinary people's entrepreneurial journeys in the upcoming Episodes of our flagship event. 

An extraordinary celebration for women's day with the 3 most proficient ladies who have added another dimension to the achievement of women. Whose achievement stories embolden other women to do something on their own. These women are our pride. From them we can grasp the key to accomplishment in life. Their magnificent race of excellency teaches us how to overcome thousands of obstacles and achieve the goals of life as women.

Our special guests for the Women’s Day Special Episode are

Maliha Quadir 

Founder and Managing Director,


Maliha Quadir is recognized as a young global leader by the World Economic Forum. She is a passionate and responsible entrepreneur, with a track record of promoting growth through technology and access to finance. She has extensive and diverse work experiences in the global arena. She led the emerging markets digital strategy of multinational companies such as Vistaprint and Nokia. 

In 2014, Maliha Quadir started Shohoz with a simple vision of solving the logistical challenge of Bangladesh. Under Maliha’s leadership, Shohoz has now become the largest online service platform in the country, providing online ticketing, ride-sharing, food delivery, and truck booking services to millions of Bangladeshi consumers.

Achia Nila 

Founder and Managing Director,

Women In Digital 

Achia Nila is an accomplished digital production professional. This debonair lady has worked with so many leading brands of the world and has an amazing global network with brands like Colgate, Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, and many others like these.  She is experienced in creative background for more than 10 years. She also worked in the web-based technology sector for more than 7 years. 5 years of experience in digital marketing has added more glory to her phenomenal career. 

This lady has some remarkable specialties in web development, app development, team leadership, digital marketing, Google product, and so many orb-like these.  Now she is the Founder and Managing Director at Women In Digital.

Farhana Rahman

Senior Vice President, BASIS

and CEO, UY System Ltd. 

Farhana Rahman is the Senior Vice President at Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). This commendable lady has some remarkable specialities or experiences. She is the Chairperson of UY LAB, an Advisor at Shuchona Foundation, Secretary General at Autism Foundation, Vice president at Bangladesh Women In Technology (BWIT), CEO of UY systems limited, Managing Director of HealthPrior21, Vice president of Bangladesh Association for software and information services,Treasurer at Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Services and SG of Society for the Autistic Children. She also has a lot of volunteering experiences. 

She has an outstanding career with a glorious reputation. Her story of her achievements can embolden any woman, we believe. 

UIU EDF heartily welcomes  all these special women in our 4th episode of UIU EDF presents "Entrepreneur's Diary" on women's day special episode. 

Keep an eye on our event page, on 8th of March at 7:30 pm. The episode will be live-streamed from our UIU Entrepreneur Development Forum official Facebook page.

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