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UIU Entrepreneur’s Development Forum

UIU Entrepreneur’s Development Forum

This 8th March, on the celebration of International Women's Day, UIU EDF (United International University Entrepreneur Development Forum) presented a wonderful session in the 4th episode of the iconic flagship program "Entrepreneur's Diary", supported by CCC (Career Counseling Centre) of the University. In this special session, we had 3 most remarkable female Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh as our guest speakers. The speakers were Maliha Quadir, Founder and Managing Director of Shohoz,  Achia Nila,  Founder and Managing Director of Women In Digital and Farhana Rahman, Vice President of BASIS and CEO of UY System Ltd.

These proficient and extraordinary ladies have taken an initiative to share with us their journey of their entrepreneurship, the struggle they faced as pioneers of women entering the business world, their success stories, and helped to enlighten the viewers with the knowledge of  business strategies.

The guest speakers also emphasized  women's involvement. As women make up half of the population of Bangladesh, with appropriate set of skill training they can be turned into magnificent human resources and turn into valuable assets for the nation, helping in developing the nation's stability.

As the world is evolving and moving toward digitalization by technological improvement, it is necessary to enter more women in this area.  As the CEO of Shohoz Maliha Quadir said, “ Tech Talent is Limited", so there is a need for more participation in the digital workplace from the women's side also.

The founder of Woman in Digital, Achia Nila stated that, during her time period of participating in an interview for a job,  there wasn't a single woman. Even after overcoming the challenges of discrimination, trusting a women in business related issues were many people's concern.  As the founder of Woman in Digital, Achia Nila shared the struggles and discrimination that she had faced  as a woman were the main building blocks that inspired her to construct Woman In Digital. It is a renowned organization for women and led by women. This organization is also in the peak of  providing the necessary skills set to the women not only  in the urban areas but also in the rural areas. Moreover, the opportunity doesn't limit to just training, it also assists them in generating income using their skill sets.

Besides just taking the initiative, the experienced leaders gave importance to perform  research and being updated. As the world is developing so fast , CEO of UY system Ltd. Farhana Rahman has advised “we should be informed about what is going around us”. Researching is one of the key efforts women can avoid falling behind. Nowadays, it is easier because all the information is available on the internet, noted by the CEO of UY system Ltd.

The speaker also focused on building women stability: As said by Farhana Rahman, “ women face a mind-set  crisis”. Women should be persistent in achieving their dreams.  She also elaborated women should not think whatever she has achieved should be enough for her and stop there. To continue to grow, women need to ensure her skills and build networking. She also said, “ Effective networking is important.”

The talented guests also pointed out the condition of Workplace environment. As said by Maliha Quadir the CEO of Shohoz that, “discrimination in the workplace is present all over the world.” But they should be aware of their rights.

With these motivating speeches from our remarkably talented guests, the program came to an end as a successful session with enlighted audiences.

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