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University of Georgia Scholarships

University of Georgia Scholarships

Are you currently enrolled at the University of Georgia or are you planning on enrolling in school? If so, this article will help you pay for your studies at UGA.

These university scholarships in Georgia range from academic (merit-based) scholarships, need-based scholarships, combined academic and needs-based scholarships, UGA departmental scholarships and other external scholarships.

Then, look at the myriad studies of opportunities in the United States on our platform.

This Article Will Cover

  • About the University of Georgia
  • More On The University Of Georgia Scholarships

UGA Academic Scholarships

Presidential Leadership Scholarships

Foundation Fellowship

Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship

One UGA Scholarship

UGA Need-Based Scholarships

  • Georgia Commitment Scholars Program

UGA Combined Financial Need and Merit-Based Scholarships

  • Goizueta Foundation Fellowships
  • UGA Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Ed Hoard Memorial First Tee Scholarship
  • Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship

Other Scholarships at the University of Georgia

  • Black Alumni Scholarship
  • Bradley Turner Leadership Scholarship

About the University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is a land-granting and offshore-granting university with a statewide commitment and responsibility. It is the oldest, most extensive and most diverse institution of higher education in the state.

Its purpose, “to teach, to serve, and to explore the nature of subjects” reflects the integral and unique role of the University in preserving and enhancing the intellectual, cultural and environmental heritage of the state and the nation.

The University Of Georgia Scholarships

Current and potential UGA students want to learn as much as possible about financing their UGA studies. As a first step, the university advises you to complete the FAFSA application. By filling out this form you can quickly determine if you are eligible. If you still need a scholarship after completing the FAFSA, the next best place to look for a scholarship is UGA.

Here are some of the best university scholarships:

  • UGA Academic Scholarship
  • UGA requirement based scholarship
  • Combined UGA Financial Needs and Merit-Based Scholarships
  • General Scholarships and UGA External Opportunities

UGA Academic Scholarships

Scholarships for academic (merit-based) first-year students at most Georgia academic universities are awarded during the scholarship process. Last year, undergraduate students were awarded more than $ 7 million in scholarships and prizes from the University Foundation Fund.

However, in order to renew the scholarship each year, students must maintain specific academic requirements that are detailed in the award description.

Still, every student needs a guide.

Also, every year, at least 14% of students in the coming first year receive academic scholarships from UGA. You too can benefit!!! Go through the scholarships below and apply them.

a.   Presidential Leadership Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by the Graduate Admissions Office for the recruitment of students with proven leadership and academic achievement.

Also, 40-45 students receive a scholarship of $3,000 annually. This will include a presidential pardon for out-of-state presidents, combined with the Jail Miller / HOP Scholarship for Georgia residents and non-resident students. This scholarship can be extended for a total of four years.

b.  Foundation Fellowship

It is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered by UGA. To be eligible to apply, applicants must be active in leadership outside of school and have at least a 3.9 high school GPA. Also, students must have a minimum combined SAT I score of 2110, new SAT (SAT-R) 1460 or ICT apply 33

Typically, the fellowship provides annual stipends to 18-22 new students:

$12,300 for Georgia residents (in addition to the Jail Miller Scholarship, worth $9,552 per year,

For non-residents, $20,300 (one more presidential discount, currently $18,574 per year) and,

For international students, $22,300 (an additional presidential discount, currently $18,574 per year)

c.   Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship

Typically, Bernard Ramsay Honors Scholarship awards are only for 25-30 new students. Applicants must have a minimum academic GPA of 3.9 (unpublished) and a minimum combined SAT I score of 2110, a new SAT (SAT-R) score of 1460 or an ICT apply 33.

In addition, applicants must have a strong academic achievement record and a history of success and leadership in co-curricular activities.

Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • Annual stipend: Jail Miller Scholarship for Georgia residential students (currently $9,552 per year) and 6 614 first-year housing supplement;
  • Annual stipend for non-resident students: $10,160 additional presidential discount (currently valued at 18 18,574 per year) and first year accommodation supplement $1,228
  • For four indigenous spring break service trips, travel $3,000 individual travel-study grants, seminars, book discussions, mentors and more.

However, only those students who have applied for the Foundation Fellowship will be considered for the Bernard Rams Honors Scholarship.

d. One UGA Scholarship

Typically, this is a 35-40 new student award. However, applicants must be academically strong students who provide diversity at UGA based on a broad definition of university.

Successful applicants will receive a $ 1,500 annual renewable prize (in addition to the Gel Miller / HPE Scholarship) or a 1, 500 1,500 renewable prize and a presidential discount on non-resident fees.

Also, students must maintain full-time enrollment and a 3.0 UGA GPA.

Other UGA Academic Scholarships


UGA Need-Based Scholarships

For consideration of scholarships listed below or other federal, state or institutional need-based assistance, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FFSA) priority consideration deadline is 15 December and UGA should be listed as the recipient. UGA Title IV School Code 001598.

For information regarding Georgia HOPE scholarships or assistance based on financial need, please consult the Office of the U.S. Student Financial Aid.

However, students studying in the United States on F-1 visas (or similar) are not eligible for federal assistance or need-based assistance.

a.  Georgia Commitment Scholars Program

The Georgia Commitment Scholars Program is an oriented scholarship program open to first-year students. The scholarship is renewable for four years and includes a variety of programs and resources for student success.

To apply for the Georgia Commitment Scholars Program, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FFSA) that asks for information about your family finances.

Also, the Student Financial Aid Office will email students eligible to become Georgia Commitment Scholars and may ask for additional paperwork to verify their eligibility for assistance.

UGA Combined Financial Need and Merit-Based Scholarships

a. Goizueta Foundation Fellowships

These scholarships are open to first-year students who are fluent in Spanish. Also, students must be U.S. citizens or lawyers who live in Georgia. Also, transfer students and fresher’s can apply for this award, but they start the first semester at UGA. Since it is a need based scholarship, each candidate has to prove their financial need.

Students maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 the Goejueta Foundation Scholarship is renewable with a minimum value of $3,000 per academic year.

b.   UGA Alumni Association Scholarship

Successful applicants will receive an annual renewable stipend of $5,000 (in addition to HOPE scholarships and other potential need-based assistance).

However, academically competitive students will have to apply for the required basic assistance through FFSA in January and submit it to the UGA.

c.   Ed Hoard Memorial First Tee Scholarship

This scholarship is open to newly admitted first year students who are participating in the first T program. Also, successful applicants will receive a $ 2,000 scholarship each year, provided the recipient maintains the required criteria.

However, the first choice is for students with a displayed financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

d.   Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship

The Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship is open to first-year students who are the first to enroll in college in their family. Also, 12 new students receive $ 5,000 per year if they meet the required criteria

However, students must be a resident of Georgia to apply and have demonstrated the financial requirement determined by the Student Financial Aid Office.

Interested students must complete FASFA as soon as possible after January 1st.

Other Scholarships at the University of Georgia

a.   Black Alumni Scholarship

Scholarships are open to black students who have demonstrated dedication to racial equality through previous experience, initiative and creativity. Two successful students will receive a $1,500 renewable value for three years.

b. Bradley Turner Leadership Scholarship

The Bradley Turner Leadership Scholarship is open to students who are aspiring to be student leaders at UGA and have demonstrated high leadership skills while in high school. Successful applicants receive in-state tuition, rooms, boards and a scholarship award valued at an estimated cost of up to $ 1000 and renewable for up to three additional years.

Preference is given to residents of Columbus, Georgia


These are scholarship students who can apply to the University of Georgia. Learn about their qualification requirements so you can apply properly. We hope you do your best.

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