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Value Base Academy brings the most attractive Applied Data Science Program for BD Professionals

Value Base Academy brings the most attractive Applied Data Science Program for BD Professionals

Data Science and AI are becoming the most important differentiators on how current and future business models should look. For defining the success criteria for almost all industries. On that level, it is more important to see what kind of competence units each of these industries has when it comes to machine learning, data science, advanced analytics, and AI. As a differentiator, data transformation has been placed drastically in the western world. The current need for data professionals with the right competencies is irreplaceable. 

Value Base Academy offers a unique industry-driven Applied Data Science Program to help Bangladeshi professionals become more competitive and take advantage of this high demanding competence on a global scale as well. Value Base Academy launched their 12 weeks program to train an ordinary professional data-savvy and build all the foundations to become an applied data scientist. 

The key features of the program:

  • Certification from global industry leaders
  • 12 week applied data science program to ensure one can take end to end responsibilities
  • 5+ real-life projects providing hands-on development experiences of data products
  • A full-stack applied data science program for developing end-to-end products by having the knowledge of data engineering, machine learning, analytical engineering, BI functions, deep learning, cloud foundation, and so on
  • Portfolio worthy capstone project to reflect on day-to-day professional life
  • Instructors are analytical leaders from global companies with years of experiences 
  • Train to become confident in developing technology selections and ways of solving complex projects
  • The content covers from A to Z of applied data science to make one industry ready to take responsibility as Data Scientist or Business analyst, Machine learning expert, or to take the lead of small to medium data science departments

 Target audience:

The program targets professionals requiring a hands-on understanding of state-of-the-art data science practices, such as data scientists, data engineers, backend engineers, data science managers, business insights developers, database admins, managers, and company leaders of those roles. Participants are expected to have a university degree and solid motivation in building data science competencies.

Focus industries:

The program targets professionals from E-commerce, banks, telecom industries, E-Health, Government sectors such as DoICT, Textile, and Garments, retails, digital sales and marketing, media agencies, and any other industries that are committed to becoming data-driven.


This program opens the door of becoming a data scientist for almost everyone, which means there is no requirement to get into the program. However, program participants will onboard with analytical minds. For the hands-on exercises, it is recommended that participants work in pairs, ideally one person with data science experience and one person with data modelling experience. You will get training in data science programming from the start, so no previous programming experience is required to be a part of this program.

How it is done:

Apply by filling in this form. Every month there is a new batch, and applications are received daily over the year. The instructors of Value Base Academy are renowned analytics leaders who are working in this area over many years.

The program happens digitally with real-time instructor-led sessions per week. All materials are available through the digital classroom.

Commitment toward societal development in Bangladesh:

Value Base Academy is committed to offering world-class Data Science competencies to the people at all levels, motivated to reduce in-equality, and building a high-tech AI-driven nation to get full benefits of the tech world.

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