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Where Can I Study English in Seattle, Washington?

Where Can I Study English in Seattle, Washington?

Seattle, Washington is a Pacific city located northwest of the Pacific Ocean. Many booming companies like Seattle, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and many more are home! No wonder Seattle is an appealing city for international students to learn English. Below are five highlight schools where you can learn English in Seattle, Washington.


North Seattle College (NSC) is located 15 minutes from downtown Seattle. These offer a fully accredited two-year college and six-level ESL program, so you'll be able to improve regardless of which English you master. The ESL program focuses on the beginnings of grammar, reading, listening, writing, pronunciation, computer literacy, and work skills. They also provide ESLO for medical terminology for students interested in medical careers.


Seattle Central College (SCC) is located in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood which is known for its great food and music scene. The English Institute of SCC offers three programs: Intensive English, Advanced English and the College Bridge Program. All of ESL's programs focus on helping students learn English to prepare them for education at an American college or university. The SCC also provides assistance to international students to transfer to four-year universities.


South Seattle College’s Intensive English Program (IEP) helps prepare international students for college-level English and degree programs. No TOEFL score is required to enter IEP. IEP instructs five levels per week and a total of 20 hours. Classes focus on preparing students for college level English reading. International students are able to earn college-level credit once they reach the fifth level of English instruction.


The University of Washington is located in the Seattle University District, 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers three separate studies: University Track, Business Track and, Communication and Culture Track. Each track focuses on improving the English of international students in order to reach their own goals when it comes to university admissions or improving your English for professional purposes.

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